On Service

I remember  high school as four awkward years for me. I may have excelled academically and joined in some extra activities such as the school politics and clubs, but it was not a stage of unfolding. I am amazed at how my eldest kid breezes through these years with quiet confidence. Not only is she into dramatics and the arts, she is also into campus politics as well. Here is one of her latest campaign speeches….

Good morning/afternoon fellow Christi Regians!

To those who do not know me yet, I am Claire, a 3rd year student under section St. Catherine of this prestigious institution running for the position of Auditor in the Supreme Student Council of the Girls High School Department. I am running under the banner of the G-FORCE ANGELS Party, which stands for: Governing Fellow heroes with Outstanding Responsible Capability for Empowerment Aiming for New Governance and Excellent Leadership for the Studentry.

As high school students, we are in a stage of being formed into responsible future leaders and citizens of our country. These ideals are embodied in the G-FORCE ANGELS principles translated into concrete programs for us – the students. We believe in good governance and excellent leadership. Hence, we value accountability, transparency, trust and participation of students in shaping a holistic and conducive learning environment for students.
As AUDITOR, I am tasked to ensure that our Student Government will act in a transparent and accountable manner in terms of managing our resources including funds. We will ensure that correct information is shared and accessible to the students from annual budgets to quarterly and year-end spending. In this regard, we will ensure that financial statements of the SSG will be published at designated places and bulletin boards in the campus. Should we fail on this, or should SSG elected officials fail on this, I dare you fellow students to DEMAND for this right. This is your duty and right as students of this venerable institution.

Not only in terms of finance, I will also ensure that all information on the SSG’s activities and plans are accessible to students. Every student has a right to information, correct and accurate information on what the SSG is doing.

I believe that even if we are still in the secondary level of education, the fact that we go through these political exercises of voting, electing and forming a student governance structure is a PREPARATION for the real life ahead of us. Thus, how we act and make choices in this stage of our lives would also imply what kind of citizens, of electorate we will be in the future!!!

If you aim for EXCELLENCE in service to the studentry, vote G-FORCE ANGELS!
If you value TRANSPARENCY AND GOOD GOVERNANCE, Vote for ME as AUDITOR in the Council.
Let me end my speech with a quote from the great Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore:“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” Yes, my dear fellow Christi Regians, we are here to serve and not to be an elite group of leaders. This is our covenant with you. Come March 2013, do not forget to Vote Straight G-FORCE ANGELS!!



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