Creativity Surge


How can a parent develop creativity in their kids? Parenting gurus would have a lot to say on this subject. I just do the easiest way – let them be. Being a parent from the Gen X era, raising Gen Z kids is both a challenge and a joy. It was easier when they were babies and toddlers. My fixation back then was their growth and nutrition, their hygiene and ensuring that they follow routine. My, those were my controlling years. It was probably a blessing for all of us that I worked overseas and left them for quite a prolonged period of time while they were growing up into adolescence. Now that I had found time to stay for a longer period, I had discovered my own lack of imagination and the remnants of my “old ways.” One day, I realized that my girls have become their own persons. My eldest has explored many facets of her abilities, often guided by her instinctive curiosity. She can do “dramatic monologues”, create plots for school drama projects, direct mini-movies and ads, and still do a lot of work on social media. She is into almost every interactive site on the web like Tumbler, Instagram, Twitter and of course FB. Just today she got the results of her National Career Assessment Test. Aside from getting a 99 score, she also got a high percentile in the area of Creativity. The test which is supposedly intended to guide her choice of a course in college, fortunately validated her own tentative choices – possible courses in Commerce, Writing and the Arts. Her sisters are also into music and dancing. The second kid joined the school choir and the youngest is a fixture in school programs to perform in solo and duets.

Perhaps one of the many ways a parent can get involve in nurturing kids’ creative tendencies is to join them in a group activity. We tried it last summer, when school was off, we worked together in making scrapbooks. It helped that we had some supplies and materials.Some CDs on “how-to” were also handy. Great time to work on our project was in the afternoons. Huddled on the floor, we planned, designed, clipped, pasted and arranged each page into one story board. I am amazed by each kid’s color preference. There is something soothing in the act of clipping, pasting and arranging every photo and accessories into one page of the book. Old tickets, ribbons, packets of candies, origami (folded paper), leaves, dried rose petals, old gift wrappers, buttons, clips, coins, even cloths not excluded. Everything has its possibilities. Next projects: cards and book markers.