If Evolution Works Why Do Women Have Two Hands?


If you are a working Mom who happens to get up early in the morning and sleeps at past midnight; this article is for you. Whether you work from home or outside, chances are you are now stuck with a pile of laundry nagging for your attention, kids’ stuff scattered around the floor and a lunch to prepare waiting downstairs before 12 noon. Here’s more, you probably have teen-age kids who bring along friends to work on school projects, your afternoon nap often broken by giggles and screams, only to find out the cuties are watching You Tube. Probably you are not like me who sticks to a To DO checklist which often ends up being repeated. Here’s a typical day for me:

Task #1 – get up and meditate; Task #2 – check on the kids; Task #3 – cook breakfast; Task #4 – soak dirty clothes on the washing machine; Task#5 – Eat breakfast with the kids; Task #6 – Wash the dishes; Task #7 – Clean the house; Task # 8 – Take a shower and get dressed; Task #9 – Report to the work station; Task # 10 – Take a break and prepare lunch; Task#11 – Have lunch with the kids; Task#12 – Go back to work; Task #13 – Take a break (read a novel, do yoga and check your Facebook or Twitter accounts); Task #14 –      Go back to my desk and force myself to write or take a short nap; Task#15 – watch a good soap opera on TV; Task#16 – Go back to my desk; Task #17 – Prepare dinner and finish the laundry; Task#18 – Watch the evening news; Task#19 – Have dinner with the kids; Task#20 – Help the youngest kid with her assignment or project; Task#21 – Either sleep or if the urge to write and work is still there – go on working.; and Task#22 – Meditate before sleeping.

Probably your list would be longer than mine. If there is a man in the house, yours could be a shorter or longer list depending on how domesticated your partner is. If you happen to have one who practice shared parenting, chances are your work loads are lessened. If you have the undomesticated type, then good luck, just hire a house help if your budget allows you to have one or two. For struggling Moms like me, we do it all. So am asking again this question shelved, debated and closed years ago: If evolution works, why do women have a pair of hands?

            Well, all in a day’s work.



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