Taking the Art of Making Scrapbooks to a New Level

The rise in popularity of scrap booking has been mainly due to two things: art for art’s sake, and making use of our free time in a more productive and creative way. For most people, this is a hobby. To some, it is a kind of self-expression, like music, painting or poetry. Widely categorized in the crafts section, scrap booking can be taken to a new level, without taking all the fun. Here are some ways in which the art of clipping and snipping can be fully maximized:

1.) Use it in Preparing Your Work Portfolio

For creative writers, designers, photographers and others who are into these kind of work, you can prepare a portfolio of all your jobs (freelance or full-time contracts) into one interesting collage showing photos, proposals, concept notes and feedback from clients. This can be done in both desktop and paper-bound catalogues. Each job profile you’ve done in the past can be retold in pictures and words arranged in a compelling manner to attract, inform and persuade would-be clients to hire you. The point is – try to be out of the ordinary.

2.) Write your Journal in a Scrapbook.

Who says that scrapbooks are only about pictures? There is no rule in scrap booking that limits your creativity. While we normally write our journals in notebooks and diaries, take it to another level by pasting pictures and other stuffs that are associated with the memories of events in your life or family. You can add a ticket of the favorite sports game you’ve watched with your husband, or the airline ticket of your latest trip to hiking in the Andes. The possibilities are endless. It could be a petal of the roses you’ve received which you kept pressed in the pages of your favorite book. You don’t have to be commercial and splurge on materials sold in the stationery shops. Just be creative, sentimental and enjoy what you’re doing.

3.) Promote Scrap booking as a solution to the world’s problem with waste.

Most of the time, we buy ready- to- use materials in creating our scrapbooks. Still, a lot of us stick to the good-old way of recycling things like papers, candy wrappers, plastic wrappers, gift wrappers, pieces of cloths, dried leaves and flowers, etc. By doing so, we help curtail the “throw-away” culture that explains most of the waste disposal problems in most societies. You did not only enjoy the craft, you are also helping ease Mother Earth’s woes.


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