How Can I Minimize my Carbon Footprints?


A writer has to write on something useful. One of my favorite advocacy is for a cleaner and greener environment. I’ve done some readings and research on the subject of climate change, and as we knew already – it is mostly happening because of our unsustainable activities and practices. 

There are many ways to minimize your carbon footprints. This refers to the total emission of greenhouse gasses (GHG) due to your travel, home or other activities that make use of burning fossil fuel. Calculating our carbon footprints is quite a complicated activity, but estimating the load of carbon dioxide emissions of your daily activities and habits is possible. Our travel needs and how our food travels from its source to our table, all need fossil fuel. Our energy sources are also culprits. While the main contributors to global warming are the big industries, we can help in minimizing GHG emissions in little ways that impact in the long run. You need not buy a solar panel, unless you can afford one. Some simple acts which we often overlook just need to be done with patience and persistence. Most of these are common knowledge already, as going green campaigns get more attention and following. To mention a few of these:


·        *  Turn-off unused lights, appliances and gadgets

·        *  Use soft lightings in your bedrooms

·        *  Recycle empty bottles and other stuffs in the house like shoe boxes, papers, wrappers, etc.

·        *  Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator

·       *   Eat more greens, less on meat

·         * For families, try buying your groceries in bulk for two-weeks to month-long use. Cook your meals in bulk, freeze , thaw and reheat when you want to eat them

·        *  Try preserving food to make them last – such as pickling, salting and making jams

·         * If it is just one mile, why not walk, jog or bike, instead of taking the cab

·         * Try switching off on week-ends – phones, emails and other gadgets

·        *  Make a scrapbook – use recycled things in the house


You can add more to the list above.

Remember that small acts if developed into lifelong habits are like small pebbles thrown into a still pond. These will create the ripple effect if adopted by one family, one community and one country.



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