Beating the Block that Obstructs Your Writing Output

Writer’s block, anyone? There are days when it is easy to be distracted than inspired. Something like a heavy piece of wood tied to your hands, you cannot string together a respectable flow of words. What could have triggered this paralysis? Some days the creative juice keeps flowing in abundance. You can think clearly. You can deliver good enough, if not excellent materials. Then comes that day when like a faucet, nothing drips. If indeed something comes out, you feel like you should stop this whole thing, now. Writing is a love affair with your inner self. Even if you accepted a commercial work to do, it still demands a part of you. Perhaps, all beginners are like this. Newbies, they are called in SEO lingo. This affair with words can come with great expectations on the part of the writer. Somehow, in the early stage of your relationship with yourself, you demanded perfection. Then, comes that day you feel the insult of the empty page. Nada – you can’t give something. I’ve read about an author who would soak himself in the tub for hours, just to get back the inamorata. Or there’s another guy who would do series of push-ups on the floor expecting a sudden turn-around of his moods.
Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it. From taking long walks in the park, or a busy street. I used to do this when stationed overseas. Afternoon walks were my favorite calorie- busting form of discipline. That was six years back. For somebody who does not like crowds, I found that habit effective in setting my mood to write something – a training manual, monthly report, a project concept to give birth to. Perhaps what encouraged me to walk was the fact that I was stranger to the place, nobody knew you. Locals do not care why you are walking through. You’re just another shopper passing by. Sometimes you may bump into a compatriot (someone from your own country) along the way. A smile or wave of the hand is enough to acknowledge each others presence in this alien land. What is important is that – it’s another great afternoon to walk.
Back to that piece of wooden blocks tied to your hands. Where does writers’ block come from? I realize mine where coming more from the outside. Noise – you get them most of the time. One writer advised to switch-off and learn to focus. These are difficult moments. The stumbling blocks can be heavy at times. No amount of meditation or being present can shift your focus to your work. In moments like this, the best recourse is a time out. Stop. Take a rest. Lie down for a while. Get a cup of coffee. Drink a glass of water. Or watch that silly TV sitcom for a good laugh. When you feel revived, get back to your desk and see if the faucet is slowly dripping again.


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