Exploring Creative Writing

In between writing jobs that pay and one for self-expression lies the search for inspiration. The collection on books about writing is slowly piling up on my desk. Thanks to a supportive relative who brings them in boxes every time he comes home for holiday. Undeniably, it’s the season of sharing. Not even the recent episode with Storm Haiyan (typhoon Yolanda) could douse the enthusiasm of kids and folks with the advent of Christmas. I wanted to keep-up with blogging. Prior to Haiyan’s havoc, I had prepared a writing plan that says produce at least 10 blogs per month and one e-book by the end of 2013. The two weeks without power supply affected my momentum in writing. Picking up the pace required much effort and inspiration. What a way to restart but mull on the tragedy that swept the region where I grew up. Now it’s time to move on and look forward to 2014.

About the blogs, they are slowly coming. Most of my working days had been shared between teaching in a local college and SEO writing. I have also started working on an e-book which is now saved in the cloud. The choice of a topic is a reflection of my attempt to reconnect with my roots. As most writers do, one needs to do thorough research on the subject before a chapter is even started. After three days, I made it to chapter 3 but still largely unfinished. The whole idea is there, the plots are clearly outlined. Predictable – this is how I would like my first attempt at creative writing would be. No frills. Just pure human interest set in a context that is Filipino culture. As the story of “The Promise” unfolded and words slowly came out, I looked at my own daughter getting giddy on the number of followers she gets from the fiction she was crafting and posting at Wattpad. I celebrate her joy at accomplishing such a feat at so young an age. If there’s something a parent can pass on to their kids, am glad mine chose the books and love for writing.I hope to finish the entire e-book by January even if it takes much of my time within the first days of 2014. Once the draft is done, the crucial part of editing will follow. I may require the service of a good editor to give my book a chance for printing.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 1 of the e-book I’m working on.

One fateful day, a man named Pablo woke up to a different dawn, unlike the many he normally gets up to each day to prepare his boat for a day of fishing. It rained the whole night, and neighbors were saying a storm, not an ordinary one is coming to the island. He looked at his sleeping wife’s form beside him and thought of rousing her to go to the village chapel where some of his neighbors said they will converge. He kissed her on the forehead and waited for her eyes to open. Little did he know that it will be the last time he will do this morning ritual. In the morning of November 7, 2013, super storm Haiyan hit the eastern coast of the Pacific. It ravaged several areas in the Pacific including the central part of the Philippines, Vietnam and other parts of Asia, leaving no mercy on whatever was in its path. In the Philippines alone, a month after the disaster, official report showed more than 6000 people died on that fateful day.



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