Hello 2014


We’ve finally ushered the new year with renewed hopes. The warmth of family and clan reunions signal a good start of  another year. Perhaps it will bring in more good news. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

What is the significance of the beginning of another year ? What’s the hullabaloo about? Is it simply about traditions, superstitions or commercial fanfare? I don’t think so. We are bound by time. The calendar is just a gauge of how far we have traveled as members of this one whole family called humanity. Of course there are other versions of calendars in other cultures. The point is – we all like to count days and see seasons come and go.

Hello 2014. Here are some good affirmations in the next 12 months.

1. Keep healthy and fit

No, am not talking about another weight loss program. That’s just it. Keep healthy by eating a more balanced diet. Eat more greens and fruits. The fresher, the better, the more organically produced if possible. Stretch tired muscles. Keep walking. Do yoga and meditation for half an hour each day.

2. Think active

With so many issues affecting our society, we need at least to care and share. Let’s do our part. It may mean just sharing a blog or a tweet. What we say matters, what we do counts.

3. Learn and earn

This is my annual target. Complete that graduate course and do more online courses. Lifelong learning is good. At least, we pick knowledge that has benefits and makes us complete. Another year could mean more online writing jobs or new projects to work on.

4. Be better than last year

I hope to surpass what I have accomplished last year. Be more engaging as a teacher. Stretch my patience and be a better listener to my kids. Be more tolerant and accepting of what is different.

Some people make resolutions each year. I don’t. I think it is pointless to keep on calling them as such. I will instead call them affirmations. These are things I had been working on, will probably continue to work on. These are the things I believe in and shall believe in.

Each day is a milestone.


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