One Billion Rising


The campaign to end violence against women is resounding in most parts of the world. Everywhere women are dancing to the beat of music – their own seeking action and resolution to this age old problem. A problem – now with a name.

What started out as a one woman campaign in the UK by Eve Ensler has now reverberated everywhere. We think local and share our stories globally.

As women, we share commonalities in issues of racism and discrimination, face the same types of abuses and are exposed to the worst kinds of violence, be it in times of war or peace. The UN data that says 1 in 3 women suffer from abuse globally is indeed staggering.

On March 8, another day to celebrate the International Day for Women. I’m sure it’s going to be another celebration of protest. However, it shows that the women’s movement have come a long way. Gone are the days of street fights with the police. Today, we hear music and poetry, watch as throngs of women dance to the rhythm of freedom and raise their arms in protest – or link hands in solidarity. We see children joining the dance and bearing the messages that says – justice!

It’s as colorful as a woman’s life. This unfolding, this one feminine spirit rising.

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