A Healthy Way to Losing Weight

It’s not for vanity’s sake. We need to shed-off excess weight sometimes. The one year of working at home sitting before the laptop to write most times of the day had its toll – I’ve gained weight. I realised this when I find it hard to do basic yoga poses and keep the balance longer. From 120 lbs, the weighing scale showed 145 already. With a family history of serious health problems, there is no better option but to watch what I eat. Here’s what I prepared  for lunch today.


All Green Vegetable Soup


     malungay leaves (moringa olleifera)

     onion leaves

     alugbati leaves (basella alba)

     camote tops leaves (sweet potato leaves)

     green tomatoes

     okra (ladies’ fingers, bhindi or bamia)

     basil leaves

How to Prepare the Soup:

    1. Wash all the ingredients with tap water.

    2. Chop the tomato and green onion leaves.

    3. Boil water in a sauce pan.

    4. Add the okra, tomato and onion leaves.

    5. When the okra becomes tender, add the rest of the ingredients.

    6. Season with fish sauce.


Here’s what the main ingredients look like:


Alagbati leaves(Basella Alba)     Sweet Potato leaves        Morengga Leaves          Bhindi or bamia (okra )


All ingredients are fresh and organic. Some people find this dish a bit bland. In the Central Visayan region of the Philippines, they usually add more vegetables like aubergine and squash. They like it a bit salty and add salted fish or anchovies. Since I’m taking it easy on the salt, I just added a spoonful of fish sauce. The essence of basil adds extra flavor to the soup. Basil is also great with free-range native chicken soups. I’ll try innovating on this all-veggie dish and see what more one can come up with. 

Next move, watch the weighing scale every morning. 



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