Of New Years and Facing What’s New in Our Lives

2015 came in with the usual big bang. People do not usually greet the advent of another year with nonchalance. Everywhere it was celebrated with grand displays of fireworks, boisterous parties and communal gatherings. New Years are often regarded as turning points – a day in our busy or mundane lives to mark the beginning of another chapter yet to be discovered and about to unfold. People are also diverse when it comes to giving meanings to such events and  to particular traditions or cultural practices as an expression of these. This creates a vibrant and colorful panorama through music, arts, rituals and cuisine.

It’s exactly 55 days since day 1 of 2015, how has it been so far for you? Do we still try to fit stereotypes and cling to old patterns, habits and ways of thinking that we have sworn to change several New Years ago? Do we still listen to that old crap that keeps you stuck? Here is one book  published ten years ago that i found still useful to challenge anyone from complacency. It is titled How Now written by Raphael Cushnir. In it he outlined a hundred or so many different ways to practice being in the moment. It begins with making a list of what you want to start – be it a new job, new friendships, new hobby, alternative lifestyle or simply a new book to read. Perhaps you may also find ideas from revisiting your old New Year’s resolution lists and see what are worth pursuing, affirming and probably advocating (and why not?). We may not recognize it but despite the hullabaloo it is one continous path we travel in our lives, the choices we make either in our careers, relationships, and connections with the bigger world outside ourselves. Yet, New Year could also be a perfect time to pause and  come to terms with what’s new in our lives.It takes courage to do so – embrace the change! But doing so can be uplifting and liberating.

So what’s new?


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