Blogging – Two Years On

I started blogging out of curiosity on what this medium is all about. Then i realized i had to swallow what i had taken a bite.The concept of PurpleMoms came at a time when in one of those points in a woman’s working life, we take a pause. I realized I had been away for so long and the kids had all grown up into budding young adolescents. Wouldn’t a mother take the chance to squeeze into their lives again – fully present and still hoping to thrive? It wasn’t an easy choice. Two years on and it is still hard work. Perhaps, it will be until one retires fully and ride into the sunset.

The good thing is two of my girls are now in the University. And they’re thriving, too. And the youngest, the one asking more questions and needing attention than i expected. Sometimes I ask if i did not make this choice, would they be better off than if I continued headlong with staying overseas and making a life of my own and be that long-distance parent? Looking back into those two years, we started off with great expectations. There were ups and downs. But it was worth every minute until practicalities set in.

So here I am, blogging if there is time to compose thoughts in my mind. I had to work again at least near my abode to live that ideal “work-life balance.” And we’re doing fine.

Contents of this blogsite are now becoming reflections of my daily routine and interests. Everything matters. The mundane? These can be made special, too.


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