Getting Focused

One of the obstacles to productivity is losing focus. Whether home-based or not, those of us in our working years have to face those occasional times of succumbing to voices of negativity whether coming from inside or outside, and mitigating the damages that such forces can wreak on our health and total well-being. These can manifest in boredom, monotony or disorganization. Like tornadoes they can come and upset all our plans and routine, or it can come like a slowly creeping invisible creature that can build a niche in our psyche ready to rule our thoughts, actions and habits – until you just wake up one day and you loose your zest for doing something creative, positive and productive. The key to dealing with this problem is through centering – the art of keeping our balance or regaining our focus.

Reflect and find the source of the problem

As often said by sages and scientists, finding the roots of the problem is key to the most effective solution(s). Whether it is a habit we have not kicked or a thought-pattern we keep on repeating, the cause may just be as simple as one that is as they say “right in front of your nose.” Once identified, we can easily distinguish the effects from the actual cause. If not, we tend to mistake a simple pain due to something life threatening while it may just be your body telling you to take a rest. The same goes when our day’s plan go awry or some project outputs are not delivered on time. In such cases, the cause can either be within our control or beyond our control.

If we knew it all along, and last New Year’s list of things to do or to stop doing is still fresh in our memory – maybe it is time to really kick a new start. Be more specific. Make a separate plan for each identified solution. Is it a weight loss problem? Then, find a weight-management plan that suits your lifestyle and budget. It is the noise and mess in your workspace – then tune them down and clean the clutter.

The art of centering, of finding our sense of purpose is something that can be learned through life. What is our inner compass? What drives us? What makes us get up each morning?


It’s like a mantra one can repeat again and again. Life is full of distractions. When we find our grounding, we’ll know we’re on the right track. Sometimes we may ask ourselves: why did these negative forces crept in? Who gave them the power in the first place? Let’s face it, nothing is perfect here. Back to our mundane lives, if we allow negativity and nurture them, it’ll thrive. We can at least establish control – through finding that sense of balance.


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