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A View From the Window


I stood there mesmerized. I didn’t expect to see this sight outside the windows of the Hall.

Perhaps, those few days spent feeling engulfed in a jungle of concretes and choked traffics rewired my brain. Bottleneck. I can count the number of times this word appeared in the text I was reading. Indeed, ‘twas a bottleneck.

But here, in front of me is a sight of absolute freedom. Suddenly, I saw myself running on bare feet that sank into soft sand. Arms stretched like eagle’s wings on a flight of fancy. It was a daydream worth repeating again and again. A voice sounded behind me, “coffee break’s over.” It’s time to go back to work. For how long have I stood there on that window? I do not know. Perhaps, just a few minutes for the cup in my hands is still warm.

Essays and articles

Of Rivers and Land Trips


I took this photo while on my way to visit a small town nestled along a magnificent river route. Tropical – yes. But more than that, this undiscovered beauty of Nature is home to a number of people dependent on what it gives.

The trip was bathed in silence, only the throbbing of the boat’s engine can be heard. The jarring sound was an affront to the solemn early morning awakening the river from its slumber.  The water’s surface murky in some places with bobbing coconut heads, floating fallen branches and some other debris the rising tide has brought along  intent on their own journey. In more clearer parts of the river, you can watch the clouds’ reflection like swimming heaps of cotton. My reverie occasionally broken by the sudden flight of birds from the lush vegetation that walled the embankments. It was such a relief from the usual bumpy rides on motorcabs or being squeezed in the mini-jeeps where you have no option but fall asleep. Here in this wooden banca, one can dream and sigh.