A View From the Window


I stood there mesmerized. I didn’t expect to see this sight outside the windows of the Hall.

Perhaps, those few days spent feeling engulfed in a jungle of concretes and choked traffics rewired my brain. Bottleneck. I can count the number of times this word appeared in the text I was reading. Indeed, ‘twas a bottleneck.

But here, in front of me is a sight of absolute freedom. Suddenly, I saw myself running on bare feet that sank into soft sand. Arms stretched like eagle’s wings on a flight of fancy. It was a daydream worth repeating again and again. A voice sounded behind me, “coffee break’s over.” It’s time to go back to work. For how long have I stood there on that window? I do not know. Perhaps, just a few minutes for the cup in my hands is still warm.


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