The Fear Factor

One  of my favorite Star Wars character is Yoda. I think a lot of people love him for his wit and grace under pressure. Lately, these series of movies I’ve seen since grade school are being shown again on TV. I tried to see how my youngest kid, now 15, would react to the movie. I was expecting she will be oohhed by the love story between Anakin Skywalker (the Jedi apprentice) and Padme (the young Senator/diplomat from Planet Naboo). Surprisingly, my daughter find it childish, reminiscent of old TV shows and games on Play Station that she had by now outgrown. Even if i say, “It’s a classic, child!” she can’t see why I still would watch it after all these years. Theirs is the era of Fault in our Stars, Divergent and other teen-fics that even I watch, mostly for curiosity sake.

One of the striking quotes from Yoda is on fear. It’s an emotion that all people have from time to time. As kids, we learned to fear the dark. As adults – the unknown. There’s a good side to it- it keeps us aware and on our toes. The bad side is of course, what Yoda says – it can lead us to the path of the dark side.



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