Marching to the Beat of Reason

People are marching again. This time they left their shoes on the streets of Paris, banned to protest and gather after that gory episode in Stade de France and adjacent cafes. Despite these lingering fears in the air, climate marchers are undoubtedly unfazed and more resolved to signify the popular clamor of people in all parts of the world for governments and big business to take responsibility on the costs of climate change.

This time the conversation is being zeroed in on the concept of climate justice. Small island nations are claiming more than aid to surmount the costs of the changing global climate which most scientists agree had been causing the extreme weather conditions in most parts of the world. Countries in the Pacific like the Philippines are being frequented by storms more than the average it usually experience in a year. And more intense at that! Remember Haiyan. People may have bounced back on their feet but the dead can never be forgotten.


COP21 is another opportunity for decision-makers to make-up their mind and do the right thing – pay heed to the voice of reason. It’s people over profit, and as the marchers say – “there is no planet B.”




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