Exercising the Right to Vote

A clean, honest and credible election – that is what the people deserve. It was astounding to see how friends and neighbors took to the local precincts to cast their votes for the next set of leaders who will manage this country. I say manage – not rule, not even run. The mandate is to manage the economy and make it more humane – people over profit, the environment over greed. Surely, we have learned our lessons.

The good things are – people  voted based on their convictions, more platforms for discourses, and the young and old both dreaming of something good to happen. That explains why these generations are converging on the voting places – as watchers, as local leaders of their respective political parties, and as one of the electorates.

Still, the negative side of our political culture persist. Money floated around to entice votes. People still expect to receive some incentives for voting, be it money or food. It does not sound good, i know. But it is real, it is still happening.

They say that democracy is noisy. It creates a cacophony of voices even on social media platforms where the only regulation that exists is your own. We’re quite lucky. I thought of the citizens of countries where dissent even in their most artistic and subtle forms are curtailed. And now, the shadows of such a regime hover – at the back of our minds, in the open whispers on Facebook and Twitter. What is there to fear? We have been through those dark times in our history as a nation. Are these fears unfounded?

We wait and see… what is really coming?



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