Touch Base

One of the reasons why I have stayed long in working from home and at home is the need to touch base. In the span of time we progress as adults trying to carve a career or raise kids, we often outgrow asking those so called existential questions anymore. In fact, what is supposed to preoccupy us at this stage is asking questions like, “what have I achieved by now? what more can i do in the next five to ten years of my productive life?”

This does not mean tall orders or pursuing those impossible dreams we have when still at the height of one’s youth. By now, we have unraveled the maze that is handed to each one of us at birth. Your life a puzzle to solve. By now, you are fully aware of your purpose, of where you are going. Through a series of starts, wrong-turns, dead-ends and long walks, we come to understand that both the process and the results of our endeavors are priceless lessons. It makes us who we are today.

Touching base is not simply a trip down memory lane. It is finding the grace to accept those experiences without judgment. The choices we have made are often irreversible. But it does not suppose to get us stuck. Being there, in the moment and consciously untangling what we feel as anathema to who we are, what we believe in eventually sets us free to continue our own journey.






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