Burying the Dead Dictator in Haste and Secrecy

It finally happened. The late Dictator and deposed president Ferdinand E. Marcos was buried in secrecy and haste at the LNMB. People were caught unaware of the final details and schedule of his burial. Like a thief in the night, they say, the Marcos’ family executed what was still a highly contested Supreme Court ruling on matters of the late Dictator’s burial at the LNMB. As fast as they did it, so the mass protests erupted and culminated at the rallying of activists at the EDSA Shrine in the nation’s capital. The anger will not be abated. What surprised us all was the massive outpouring of anger from the new generations who were not born in the era of the Martial Law years nor the EDSA revolution period in the mid-80’s.

I was born in 1970 and despite my parent’s alignment to the government and admiration to the Marcos’ touted “Golden Era” in Philippine administration (which only a few believe of course), I had been exposed to the debates, critiques and even protests against his dark regime. First, from older siblings who had the education and exposure to the Protest Movement’s influences. And finally, as a college student in the nation’s premier State University in the late 80s where everything is questioned, and serving the people’s interest came first as a dictum and value.

The nation is now gripped in a tense atmosphere. Even calls for his exhumation can be heard above the chorus of “Marcos’ Never a Hero” slogan. How can this be possible? Legal minds and lawmakers are saying that the SC Decision was not yet final and executory, hence the opportunity to file protests against the ruling.

Philippine democracy is once more in a crucible.


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