On Blogging

Blogging is an evolving art, the new form, the modern medium. It is self-regulated.  We listen to what the readers say and do not say. It is how new voices can be heard.

From its early beginnings as online diaries in the 1990s, it has evolved into an online platform for discourse on a variety of topics and themes, from the most trivial to the most relevant. It has no specific rules as to form and length. It can be an angle to a story or the summary of the story. It can be a picture that speaks for itself.

A blog can be “freshly pressed” or newly posted, a remake of an old tale, a reinvention of the stale. It is at the hands of the blogger how to craft the words that can catch the reader’s eye, capture the imagination and make a lasting impression. Hence, blogging has ceased to be a fad. It is here to stay as long as internet is free.

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